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I hope you will visit and enjoy the following sites as much as I have. Countless hours of work and talent
have made these sites worthy of the attention they so richly deserve.

The Legacy of Madame Delphine LaLaurie The Legacy of Madame Delphine LaLaurie
You are warned. This story is not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach! Witness the true story of Madame Delphine in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans.
Espoir De la Louisiane Plantation
Just when you thought it was safe, you stumble upon Espoir De la Louisiane Plantation. Will you survive?
Deadly Nightmares
Experience the ultimate nightmare! Distorted truths, shocking revelations are waiting. Will you survive
Halloween at Grandma's
Come and visit Grandma for Halloween. She has lots of games to play, fun crafts we can make, she even has a card shoppe we can visit; so much more is waiting for you.
Haunted New Orleans Haunted New Orleans
• Live Vampire Cams: Bourbocam Live's special extended webcasts • Costume Contest: Read the rules and find out how to enter! • Top Halloween events: From haunted houses to vampire balls - or submit your event!
Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving
Creator's of the world's best selling pumpkin carving kit. Their designs will help you create a masterpiece this Halloween.
Phantom Manor Phantom Manor
The Manor's true story was revealed long after the deaths of Henry and Martha Ravenswood and the disappearance of their daughter. Melanie's fiancé had planned to move her far away from Thunder Mesa and her father.
Belinda's Halloween Lane Belinda's (Linnie Doodle's) Halloween Lane
Bone chilling stories, recipes, safety tips and so much more! Something for every member of your family.
Gothic-Iowegian Banner Gothic-Iowegian
A really fun gothic site with wonderful graphics and a wonderful sense of humor built in too.
Lady Lisa's Witchiteria Witchiteria
A truly festive adventure that will be enjoyed by young and old. Lots of games and even spells!
My deepest gratitude to all the talented individuals whose graphics and midi's have helped make the Haunted Mansion what it is today. I can claim credit for the design of the site itself, the storyline, and most of the graphics.

Sincerely, Denise

Visit the Haunted Mansion at Denise's Dreams
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Various graphics, fonts, and sounds were obtained from the web. If you know where a specific item originated; please drop me an e-mail, so that I might give credit where credit is due. This website has been authored, including storyline, by Denise Rednour from 1995 to present. © 2006 Denise's Dreams