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Haunted Mansion Awards I've Won

Halloween Awards
~ 2006 ~

Thank You to All of The Wonderful People Who Have Granted Me These Honors

~ Page 6 ~

Received Friday the 13th of October, 2006
Thank You DaLady???? *giggle*

My Soul Was Collected at the Haunted Castle
Note: Site No Longer Exists - No Link Associated

The Soul Collector

Were your eyes wide open
As you chose this ominous fate
Light is no more, now darkness is life

New directions were chosen
Existence now, such a horrible fate
Light is no more, now darkness is life

A thirst of desires, never to quench
Life gone as you knew it, now emptiness fills
Light is no more, now darkness is life

Souls lost forever, damnation is here
A life of anguish envelops you
Light is no more, now darkness is life

Poem by ~ © Leroux


Received All Five of These Beautiful Awards from Molly on October 11th, 2006
My Goodness, Thank You So Very Much!
Bewitching Award from Molly's Place
Night Scare Award from Molly's Place
Bone Chilling Award from Molly's Place
Black Widow Award from Molly's Place
Halloween Madness Award from Molly's Place


Additional Awards Won!

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